Amidst the COVID19 and isolation crisis, I have enjoyed the gift of free time to get my new studio up and running. The process has been cathartic and curiously calming.

 MiraKrulic NewStudioDetail

I unpacked forgotten boxes, de-cluttered and sorted through years of work. It’s difficult to let go of old artworks. Some of my favourite life drawings and other breakthrough pieces that inform my current work are back in storage.

The slower pace of the last few months has also cleared my head, and I’ve begun to do new work for the exhibition at the Sandbox Studio later this year. The new studio is in a state of creative flux, and I’ve made some progress experimenting with materials that I’ve been collecting for months.

I’ve taken hundreds of photos, and I’m excited about some happy mishaps that have resulted in unexpected colour combinations. I'm usually drawn to strong hues but I am warming to the way softer tones interact with each other. Progress pics coming soon.