Melbourne abstract photographer and visual artistAbout Mira Krulic Abstract Photographer

Blurring boundaries of space and form

As an abstract artist, I’m inspired by the shape and symmetry of discarded objects and ephemera. I’m captivated by ambiguity. I manipulate my subjects using contrast, noise, texture, light, and transparency, and blur boundaries of space and form.

 I use my camera to reveal hidden worlds beyond the lens. A place where obscurity challenges you to see and feel things with a fresh perspective. My dramatic, large-scale compositions transform the mundane into vivid scenes that highlight the beautiful and unexpected out of ordinary things.

Transforming the ordinary

Many of us travel through life looking but not really seeing. We’re constantly bombarded with information, and contemporary culture has conditioned us to engage with each other via fleeting images on small screens.

This process blinds us and stops us from experiencing the richness and wonder of the world we live in. My work is a movement against this. A call to arms for those who have lost their sense of joy and wonder in life.

My compositions are intentionally simple. This minimalist approach creates ambiguous, spatial worlds far removed from their original forms. By homing in on distinct areas that have the most potential, my eye-popping abstracts disrupt the cycle. They give people pause, creating room for curiosity, imagination, and play to inspire a shift in perspective.

Inspiring wonder and curiosity

This creative process allows me to find moments of connection with my environment. It invites new understanding and challenges us to become active participants, not just in the artwork, but also in our surroundings. To find a way to reconnect with the inherent beauty around us.

My immersive planes of colour create luminous portals. They spark the imagination, renewing a childlike sense of wonder in the mundane. Join me and explore the untapped potential in the world around you, as I’m drawn to do.

Explore the possibilities

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