Abstract minimalist photographer and installation artist

Optically charged photos shift audience perceptions

Mira Krulic is a contemporary abstract artist who’s worked across various disciplines such as film, assemblage, and installation. Her current practice focuses on photo-media. She uses abstract minimalist photography to create an immersive and insightful experience for audiences.

Mira’s most interested in exploring how perception and experience is changed by playing with form and space. This idea took root from her life drawing practice. Moving from literal representation to abstracted images, she played with spatial relationships between items. Manipulating images by removing obvious reference points and focusing on specific aesthetic details.

Transforming found objects and spaces

For the last two decades, Mira has refined this process of visual disruption. Experimenting with both two- and three-dimensional artworks. Firstly, by using found objects and ephemera to activate unusual, often ignored spaces. Hallways and corridors, stairwells, and corners. Her artwork asks people to engage with these overlooked environments with a fresh perspective.

And now, she reveals hidden possibilities using her camera. Transforming macro images of the mundane and discarded into large-scale, luminous portals. In doing so, she highlights the beauty of ordinary things.

This is where Mira’s creative strengths shine. Her discerning artist’s eye enables her to bring subjects and spaces to life in new, exciting, and unexpected ways.

Reconnecting with the present

In a world ever focused on how we curate our lives for consumption, Mira’s work offers a refreshing perspective. By breaking down the familiar, she makes space for contemplation, curiosity, and wonder. She draws attention to the unnoticed, discarded and forgotten, and encourages audiences to reflect on how they interact and engage with the hidden ordinary in their everyday lives.

Mira has been inspiring art-lovers in solo and group exhibitions across Melbourne since 2000. She completed a Diploma of Visual Art at Melbourne University in 2009 and was a recipient of the Fiona Myer & Myer Foundation Artist Grant in 2010.

Previous exhibitions   

Solo Exhibitions

2017                Cosmic Portal, Off The Kerb Collingwood

2015                Lightwell, Vox Populi Gallery Ballarat International Fringe Biennale (Fringe)

2014                RGB Flirtations, Glass Gallery Northcote

2002                Anomaly, Hunt Club Gallery


Group Exhibitions

2010                Inside Out, 69 Smith Street

2010                Connect 10 Alumni, Victoria University

2009                One by 6, Louis Joel Gallery

2009                Art Prize, Victoria University

2009                Kodak Salon Exhibition, Centre for Contemporary Photography

2009                Post Cards Show, Linden Gallery

2008                Non-Specific Object Space, Kings ARI

2006                & ?, Cusp Gallery/Fringe Festival

2004                Splinter, Hunt Club Foyer Gallery

2000                Indexical Push, Gabriel Gallery



2010                Fiona Myer & Myer Foundation Artist Grant

2009                Highly Commended – VU Art Prize Entry



2011                David Simmonds Photography Workshop, Melbourne

2009                Diploma of Visual Art -Victoria University, Melbourne

2008                Artslab Project 4

2004                Body in Context Workshop - Hunt Club Community Arts Centre

2000                Artways Visual Art Course



2017                Outlet Magazine


Contact details

Mira Krulic

Melbourne, Australia

M: +61 0412 392 588