Now That Kin Have Gone

 Detaching from people whom you have lost or have left your life can be overwhelming and painful. 

Now that Kin have gone considers whether objects are significant in the way one deals with the loss of relationships. The work explores if keeping, using and honouring objects that belonged to loved ones, assists in one’s bereavement and ultimately helps heal from loss.

Mira Krulic and Karryn Argus collaborated on the conceptual framework of the exhibition with each artist making individual artworks resulting from their discussions.

Read catalogue essay Object Journeys by Caroline Phillips

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Mira Krulic seeks to make sense of the loss of her mother through the physical objects she left behind. Bright stained glassware, vases and jewel-coloured canisters trigger fond memories and give meaning to a past relationship. The attraction to beautiful and vibrant things is innate to both mother and daughter. Mira aims to honour the aesthetic qualities of these objects in her work through colour, light and abstraction. While objects can help us to remember Mira will explore whether their power goes beyond reminiscing. Can a maternal bond diminished by grief and loss be strengthened?

Karryn Argus has very few objects that connect her to her estranged family member. As estrangement suggests a person is absent from one’s life although they are still very present in the world. Karryn will explore if the objects she holds, gifts and photographs, are helpful or detrimental in remembering the past and healing from the everyday pain of estrangement.

 MG 4129

Ruby Bubble Mira Krulic, Trippy Verde Mira Krulic (left wall), Same Same Different Mira Krulic, Bluenique Flare Mira Krulic (right wall)


Can you feel me? Mira Krulic                                                                                                                       Toy with green binding (left) Karryn Argus
                                                                                                                                                                                  Toy with pink blanky (right) Karryn Argus


A collection of toys (left), Blanky with yellow top                                                                          Same Same Different Mira Krulic    
Blanky with orange top (right) Karryn Argus         


Ruby Bubble Mira Krulic (left) Trippy Verde (right) Mira Krulic                                                   Shame mask cemetery flowers (left)
                                                                                                                                                                                  Shame mask red (right) Karryn Argus


Dolly with brown face (left) Teddy Dolly and Dolly in pink bed (middle)                                     Bluenique Flare Mira Krulic
Dolly with orange hair   and Teddy dolly toy (right) Karyn Argus


Dolly with green face (left) Dolly with pink face (right) Karryn Argus                                             Persimmon Fantasy Mira Krulic